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September 2011

Consultation of guidelines for the organisation of Board of Auditors in charge of the statutory audit

AUTHORS: Study group: Daniele Bernardi (Committee Chairman), Claudio Badalotti, Angelo Fiori, Gaspare Insaudo, AnnaMaria Magro, Marco Rescigno, Mario Difino
PUBLISHING COMPANY: Commissione Controllo Societario Milano

DESCRIPTION: Response to consultation on the document: “Guidelines for the organisation of the Board of Auditors in charge of the statutory audit.”

Year 2011

Corporate groups

AUTHORS: Various authors
PUBLISHING COMPANY: Giappichelli Editore

DESCRIPTION: Examination of the themes concerning the setting-up of corporate groups, the different types, their organisational structure, and governance, with specific reference to the theme of management and coordination. Analysis of tax issues, of the preparation of the consolidated financial statements of Leg. Decree no. 231/2001.

May 2011

Observations on code of conduct

AUTHORS: Marco Rescigno, Roberta Battistin, Corporate Control Consulting Committee - ODCEC of Milan. Study group: Daniele Bernardi, Gaspare Insaudo, Marco Rescigno, Roberta Battistin, Prof. Albero Nobolo, “Bicocca” University of Milan.
PUBLISHING COMPANY: Commissione Controllo Societario Milano

DESCRIPTION: Observations on the document “Code of Conduct of Board of Auditors, standards no. 9 to 11” of 16 March 2011, in response to the consultation opened by the CNDCEC for their final status.

Year 2010

Audit Reform in Italy

AUTHORS: Marco Rescigno
PUBLISHING COMPANY: Quaderno Scuola di Alta Formazione Milano

DESCRIPTION: Audit reform in Italy: First analysis of Leg. Decree no. 39/2010.