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The company

RC Accounting, Audit & Compliance is an auditing company authorised to perform statutory audits and is included in the register kept at the Ministry of Economics and Finance (registered with the Statutory Auditors Register with number 176105 G.U. IV Special Series no. 3 of 12/01/2016). The company was born from the desire of the founding partners to provide highly specialised assurance and auditing services, as well as accounting and organisational advice and related services to companies.

The partners of RC Accounting, Audit & Compliance have consolidated experience in the corporate control of industrial companies, service companies, and major national and international banking groups listed on the stock exchange, managing also the accounting and valuation aspects correlated to extraordinary transactions.

RC Accounting, Audit & Compliance’s approach to consulting projects is based on the direct involvement of highly experienced professionals, who are able to offer a methodological contribution suited to the specific needs of each client aimed at transferring knowledge and improving the business performances.